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2018 Fishing Seasons

What’s in season and when during 2018

What’s in season and when during 2018Here are my best guesses for the 2018 fishing season. Nothing is locked in place yet except the opening of Red Snapper on June 1st. The others species should be official in a month or two after the states announce their state water seasons.


Open in March and April, then close for the year

Scamp – Red Grouper

The shallow water grouper complex reopens on April 1st and should stay open through the end of the year.


Amberjack is also currently open from May 1st to 31st and then will close, with a reopening August 1 to October 31, 2018.

Red Snapper

On June 1 Red Snapper will open. The closure date has not been established yet but based on the two previous years it will be mid July.

Gag Grouper

The gag is the only species that will remain closed due to harvest until June 1 and will be open through the end of the year.

Deepwater Groupers

Yellowedge Grouper, Snowy Grouper, longtail sea bass, golden tilefish are open all year

Offshore Species

All offshore species such as Yellowfin, Blackfin Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, and Marlin are in season all year.

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Fishing with Travis, his family and friends

On this offshore fishing trip, we had my buddy Travis with his family and friends.  This was probably the best 3 day trip of the entire year.  They caught a pile of yellow-fin tunas, a fat blue marlin and even a couple of big wahoos. However, I think the food was the biggest hit of the trip!  I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it!  We were really lucky as we beat the really rough weather to the dock which never happens to us.


Thanks again to Travis and all the guys for the opportunity!


Johnny Greene

Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | January 18, 2017

Thanks 2016, you’re the best. 

As the 2016 fishing season come to a close it will go down as one of the best we have ever had.  For the most part we had calm seas and the offshore bite was nothing less than epic. 

We had a nice blend of old repeat customers as well as a lot of new guys offshore. This is one of the most rewarding things for me as it is always great to introduce someone to the thrill of offshore big game fishing.  

Lee was wanting his grandson to get hooked on fishing and that is just what happened!

For the first time in a long time there was a very pronounced afternoon and evening tuna bite that was very dependable.  We started off our overnight trips  in March by noticing a few yellowfin tunas in close. Then, they kept coming and coming and coming!

Not only did the fish keep showing up so did the deep water drill ships. I think at One time there was 6 drill ships with in our two day range and maybe as many as 12 with in our 3 day range.  

They way trips are booking up for the 2017 it’s going to be a busy year.  We still have openings nd would be glad to discuss your trip with you personally. Give me. Call at 251-747-2872
Capt. Johnny Greene 

Charterboat Intimidator 

Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | July 3, 2016

July Deep Sea Fishing Report 

The July fishing report for the charter boat Intimidator. We have been fishing a lot of 2 and 3 day trips lately with tremendous success. The yellow fin tuna have been biting very good this year and has made for some of the best trips in recent history. Over the past week a grass line has pushed up and made for some good dolphin and wahoo fishing lately on the 3 day trips where we have time to really target them. 

Day trips – we have been doing very well on red snapper on these trips with some really nice catches. The trips are mainly focused around them but the gag grouper and scamps will be the focus after red snapper closes July 16th.

Half day trips- we haven’t run very many half day trips over the past month but we managed to catch a mess of fish on these trips. Honestly, it has become a bit of a struggle to do a good job so, starting next year we will only offer half day trips outside of red snapper season. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to next trip. 

Article by Capt. Johnny Greene

Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | May 16, 2016

Fishing is as good as it gets!

I have to admit that the 2016 fishing season has been one of the best seasons that I have ever been a part of in my 26-year fishing career. After last year’s El Nino event the constant 3 to 5 foot seas and 15 knot winds out of the West for almost the entire year I was about ready to retire.

However, the southeasterly spring winds, beautiful blue water, flying fish and yellowfin tuna has been an absolute delight to us all.

We have been catching Yellowfin on the kite, digging comma trolling and shopping and just about any other way you can imagine. The big Blackfin tuna have really been biting good as well. Just passed overnight trip we did have four wives what the biggest one being a Whopper at over 60 pounds.

The next best part of the year has been the triggerfish catch. We have done very well with the big triggers all season and it has made a great fishing trip even better. There is nothing like fresh Triggerfish to eat.

The overnight trips have made for some of the best amberjack fishing we’ve seen in years. It has been fun, quick and easy. But, on the day trips the jacks have been a little slow for us but it gives you plenty of reason to go enjoy an overnight Charter.

With this year’s upcoming red snapper season for the charter boats running from June 1 until July 16th has made the phones ring and the advanced bookings an absolute must to enjoy some spectacular fishing.  We don’t have any openings left for the season but we have had some people express interest in the offshore multi-day trips so they have moved and this make for a few openings.

The half day trips are starting to wind down for the spring but the fishing has been really good to this point and see no reason it won’t continue. 

We have been working hard this year with a new crew of guys that are working hard to show you a good time.  Jason brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him as form coast guard officer and game warden.  JT has been a mate for a good while on other boats and has fished for years.  He is young polite and quite spoken but his actions speak volumes.

Make sure to keep an eye on Facebook for all the information and the current fish reports. The store link on our website is new and has some cool stuff on there too.

Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | March 17, 2016

Fishing trip March 16, 2016

On this fishing trip we had Brian and his family from Mississippi on the boat.  They were down in the Gulf Shores and orange Beach area for spring break.  We had a great trip with some really nice weather and the fish were biting.  I must admit they were some really good fishermen on the boat with of most respectful kids we have fished with in a long time.  Thank you for this opportunity to fish with you we look forward to the next trip when hopefully Granddad and the other brothers can make it!

Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_046 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_047 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_048 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_049 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_050 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_051 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_052


Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_056 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_057 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_058

Doing a great job with the spinning tackle!

Doing a great job with the spinning tackle!


This is what fishing is suppose to be with family!

This is what fishing is suppose to be with family!

Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_062 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_063 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_064 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_065

Great day on the Intimidator

Great day on the Intimidator



Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_069 Orange_Beach_Fishing_on_the_Itntimidator_070

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Interesting video about Octopus

I thought this was a cool video about the Octopus.  I have seen several around my area but nothing like these guys.  Pretty cool!


Click the link to see more



Article by Capt. Johnny Greene

Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | March 6, 2016

Haul out 2016, why does it matter to you?

We are almost done with our annual haul out and we are ready for what is shaping up to be a busy fishing season. A haul out is a where we actually take the charter boat Intimidator out of the water for scheduled maintenence and any necessary repairs.

This is not exactly the most fun time in the world for a captain and crew but everyone knows as soon as we are done with the work at Dog River Marina, the sooner we can get back to deep sea fishing.  We are lucky to have a good facility close by that can help us with any necessary issues that should arise.

Once the boat is out of the water the bottom is soda blasted to remove all the slime, barnacles and anything else that doesn’t need to be there.  Soda blasting is a process similar to sanding the bottom with 60 grit sandpaper.  It uses a high pressure sprayer that shoots a combination water and soda at the same time and does a great job.


Intimidator Fishing Charters

Once the bottom is clean then we compound and wax the hull sides with a 3M rubbing compound, then we come back and hand wax with a 3M cleaner wax to help protect the paint.  We will normally put 3 coats of wax on the boat after that and so far the Rejex wax made by Corrision X company.

I have two through hulls that are going to be replaced, one for the watermaker, and one for an underwater light.  I have to admit I haven’t had much luck at all with Aqualights underwater lights but we are going to try yet again.

After all that is done it takes 5 gallons of MarPro ablative marine bottom paint, new zincs we will be done!

Now, hauling a 90,000 charter boat out of the water is not something that every charter business does every year but we are going to make sure everything is in top notch shape for the coming fishing season.  This is not cheap as you can imigaine in fact it may even seem insignificant to some anglers but their is no way to put a price on piece of mind for me.  It is yet another way to make sure there are no issues on the day when your fishing trip is here.

Just remember that the crew you meet on the day of you charter fishing trip are the same guys that have spent countless hours of working on the boat over the winter to make sure everything is done right.  No one bought a boat for us or handed over the keys to us, we earn it everyday.  When it comes time to choose a charter, think about that.

Capt Johnny Greene
Owner / Operator Charterboat Intimidator

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What is a Full day trip to you?

Most people work from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and the typical traditional workday is around eight hours.  When it comes to a charter fishing trip there a couple of things to keep in mind. Along the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area of the Alabama Gulf Coast an 8 hour charter it’s kind of awkward trip.


Deep Sea Fishing on the Intimidator is always a lot of fun and the fishing is good too!

Our full days are considered 10 or 12 hour trips.  These trips will allow us plenty of time to get offshore and time to fish, and have plenty of time to fish when we get there. These trips will allow us time to fish for species like red snapper, grouper, scamp, amberjack as well as trolling for king mackerel and maybe a wahoo.

On the traditional 6-hour or half day trips, the fishing grounds extends out to about 20 miles. and is made up both man-made artificial reefs and natural bottom features as well.

So the part of it I struggle with the most is do, I just stay in a six-hour ground an extra 2 hours or try to make it to the 10 hour grounds with very limited fishing time.  So the answer is we will do the best we can with the time given.  So days its one or the other and often times its somewhere inbetween.  Then when you look at it holistically we can’t rune but 12 hour out of 24 and according to USCG without having to have 2 captains and crew.  that just leaves to half days or 1 full day to make the most of the given fish days in a year.  So what does this tell you?  Probably, that I’m to honest to be a rich guy.

Give me a call we can talk about it some more. or fill out the contact form below.

Capt. Johnny Greene



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The 2016 Fishing season is here

The triggerfish are big and hungry this year!

Well after a long sloppy season that El Nino brought to us in 2015 and I have to admit that I am ready for this year to get kicked off.  We have had a short winter in Orange Beach as we have been fishing pretty steady this winter.  The weather this winter has been extremely mild and warm.  I expect this coming season to be a lot calmer and more  of a typical summer along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

We are currently  have been busy working on rods, reels, and tackle not to mention getting ready to haul the Intimidator Charter boat out of the water for a few days to check the bottom side and make sure everything is ship shape and ready to go.  We shouldn’t be out of the water long as it looks to be about a week long affair for us this year.

The coming season promises to be a good one as things are booking on up for us. In fact our first trip of the year is coming up this weekend and we are extremely ready to get after them big ones!  We have booked a lot of spring break tips and the regular customers have their dates ready as well.  Don’t fret we still have dates available for you too.  The early spring overnighters should be a lot of fun with wahoo and Tuna fish with the warm water temperatures.

At this time, Amberjack and triggerfish are open but I would book my trip as early as I can as they may close soon than the projected dates of May 31.  Red Snapper is still on target to open June 1 and will be a good season as always.

We are ready to go so get with us soon before the dates you are are gone.

Article by Capt Johnny Greene

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