Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | February 15, 2016

What is a Full day trip to you?

Most people work from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and the typical traditional workday is around eight hours.  When it comes to a charter fishing trip there a couple of things to keep in mind. Along the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area of the Alabama Gulf Coast an 8 hour charter it’s kind of awkward trip.


Deep Sea Fishing on the Intimidator is always a lot of fun and the fishing is good too!

Our full days are considered 10 or 12 hour trips.  These trips will allow us plenty of time to get offshore and time to fish, and have plenty of time to fish when we get there. These trips will allow us time to fish for species like red snapper, grouper, scamp, amberjack as well as trolling for king mackerel and maybe a wahoo.

On the traditional 6-hour or half day trips, the fishing grounds extends out to about 20 miles. and is made up both man-made artificial reefs and natural bottom features as well.

So the part of it I struggle with the most is do, I just stay in a six-hour ground an extra 2 hours or try to make it to the 10 hour grounds with very limited fishing time.  So the answer is we will do the best we can with the time given.  So days its one or the other and often times its somewhere inbetween.  Then when you look at it holistically we can’t rune but 12 hour out of 24 and according to USCG without having to have 2 captains and crew.  that just leaves to half days or 1 full day to make the most of the given fish days in a year.  So what does this tell you?  Probably, that I’m to honest to be a rich guy.

Give me a call we can talk about it some more. or fill out the contact form below.

Capt. Johnny Greene




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