Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | January 18, 2016

The 2016 Fishing season is here

The triggerfish are big and hungry this year!

Well after a long sloppy season that El Nino brought to us in 2015 and I have to admit that I am ready for this year to get kicked off.  We have had a short winter in Orange Beach as we have been fishing pretty steady this winter.  The weather this winter has been extremely mild and warm.  I expect this coming season to be a lot calmer and more  of a typical summer along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

We are currently  have been busy working on rods, reels, and tackle not to mention getting ready to haul the Intimidator Charter boat out of the water for a few days to check the bottom side and make sure everything is ship shape and ready to go.  We shouldn’t be out of the water long as it looks to be about a week long affair for us this year.

The coming season promises to be a good one as things are booking on up for us. In fact our first trip of the year is coming up this weekend and we are extremely ready to get after them big ones!  We have booked a lot of spring break tips and the regular customers have their dates ready as well.  Don’t fret we still have dates available for you too.  The early spring overnighters should be a lot of fun with wahoo and Tuna fish with the warm water temperatures.

At this time, Amberjack and triggerfish are open but I would book my trip as early as I can as they may close soon than the projected dates of May 31.  Red Snapper is still on target to open June 1 and will be a good season as always.

We are ready to go so get with us soon before the dates you are are gone.

Article by Capt Johnny Greene


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