Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | December 3, 2012

Orange Beach Deep Sea Fishing is now in a winter pattern December 3, 2012

Orange Beach / Gulf Shores, Al

The winter time is “the” time for the serious fishermen to get out enjoy some great action.  This is a cool time of year that some savvy anglers wait for all year as fishing has moved in to a winter time pattern a long on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  The water temperature has fallen into the low 60 degree range and most of the seasonal bait fish are gone offshore to warmer waters.

If you like the simple 4 hour trolling trips, between now and Christmas  is the time that you can have some good luck with the big schools of redfish as the move up on the beach to spawn.  You can also catch other fish but these fish are big and fun!

Charter Boat Intimidator crew members Barry Bracknell and Drew Phillips show off a great catch of winter time Amberjack

Charter Boat Intimidator crew members Barry Bracknell and Drew Phillips show off a great catch of winter time Amberjack

The 6 hour trips are year-round the most popular trip that we offer for families and friends that are here on vacation.  These fishing trips offer lots of diversity and are long enough trips to offer you some great action.  In the winter time 6 hour trips will reward you with big catches of fish.  You will always catch some red snapper, triggerfish, vermillion snapper, white snapper, spanish and king mackerel. now understand that there are seasonal closures in place due to aggressive fishery management plans that are now action.  The two biggest seasonal closures  in place at this time or for red snapper and triggerfish but we are big advocates of catch and release.

The full day 10 and 12 hour trips are absolutely your best bet for the investment.  These trips leave at 6 am and will give you all day to go chase the fish you have always wanted to catch.   The most highly sought after fish on the longer day trips this time of year are amberjack’s.  They are very large and aggressive fish that has to be 30 inches to keep and have taken grown men to their knees before!

You’ll also catch a host of other bottom fish but you will certainly be able to keep your pole bent and a fish hooked up all day long if you pay attention to the mates during the course of your fishing charter.  Your mates will play a pivotal role in your charter trip because most of them have fished over 150 days so far this year and they know all the little tricks to help make the fish bite.

Offshore on overnight charters the yellowfin tuna are still holding in there, as well as some nice Wahoo!  We still have several tuna trips on the books at this time before year’s end and will certainly report  back to you as to our success and what we find in the local offshore blue water around the offshore deepwater oil rigs.

Article by Johnny Greene



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