Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | November 12, 2012

What biting right now and Orange Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

The fall time weather patterns have finally arrived at the beach. The warm summer sun has left the Gulf of Mexico waters warm even as the weather starts to cool off and the days become shorter.  As the big schools of bait fish push further offshore this, it will make for some fantastic action and I cannot think of a better time to run a 4 hour fishing charter for Spanish and King mackerel.  This is a very relaxed type of fishing that is kid friendly yet has enough action to keep everyone involved.  Also, you may find big schools of bull redfish as they move along the beach during their fall/winter migration.

King Mackerel are a main-focus this time of year. Richard Macmillan is fighting a nice one!

If four hours just isn’t enough and bottom fishing is more your type of activity then by adding a little trolling out to the bottom fishing grounds it will equal good success for you this time of year.  The bottom fishing for snapper mackerel and triggerfish has been good this year.  Even though triggerfish is currently closed, it will reopen January 1 but you can still catch these cool looking fish that are hard fighters. Not to worry there is lots of pole-bending action for you and your family to enjoy.

The mainstay of our business is our full-day charters.  As always amberjack are the  highlight of the trip for many people . These fish are large and must to be 30 inches to the fork of the tail to keep.  I have seen many amberjack with many grown men if you would like to take your shot at while these big fish now is your time to get down here and let’s see what you’re made of! Scamp, vermillion, white snapper and King mackerel will make up rest of the remaining time on a full day trip.

This nice king was quickly released at boat side to fight another day!


On the offshore overnight tuna fishing trips you will find that this is the best time of year to go if you are a little flexible in regards to with the weather.  The wahoo and yellowfin bite has been very consistent this fall as well as the big black fins on diamond jigs during the overnight hours.  If you mix in some bottom fishing on the way to and from the Deepwater production platforms for the offshore species you can certainly understand why and overnighter is absolutely the best angling opportunity for you to enjoy.

We still have plenty of days available for charter between now and Christmas. If you would like more information  want to go please send me an e-mail or  contact me at 251.– 747 – 2872 to speak with me directly on designing your custom fishing trip on the charter boat Intimidator


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