Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | September 15, 2012

Gag grouper season to close October 31

With the looming closure for gag grouper just six weeks away now is the time to make plans to go get them on a deep sea charter fishing trip . With the recent passing of hurricane Isaacjust to the south of the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas the grouper have been very active and has made for some great day trips.

During the fall you may also keep Vermillion snapper, amberjack, scamps and king mackerel which will make for a fine box of fish for you and your buddies to enjoy on your fishing trip.

The fall is absolutely my most favorite time of year to fish. The air starts to cool off in the water temperatures remain warm until early December. Come on let’s go fishing!

Captain Johnny Greene
251 – 747 – 2872

This is one of the biggest gags we have ever caught




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