Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | June 20, 2012

Orange Beach Red Snapper Family Fishing Report

Orange Beach, Al. – The deep sea family fishing report on the Intimidator for June 2012 is a good one!  The red snapper fishing has been really good so far this season.  With only a few days to catch them and people in town on vacation it has been a good time.  The weather has been a bit of a challenge but thank goodness for a great big, safe boat as we ride offshore.

The catches have been really good with king and spanish mackerel on the way out and back in as we trasnit offshore to the fishing grounds on the half day 6 hour charters.  The kings have been good on the driftline and so has some big red snapper.  Barry has been doing a good job with the knocker rigs and teaching people the light tackle side of charter fishing.

The 4 hour fishing trips as alwasy are a great choice for a afternoon trip.  The best part of the afternoon trip is not having to get the kids up and at the boat so early, plus the fish really seem to bite later in the afternoon as experince has shown us this year.

Drew and Barry have been running a few trips for me as I have been out of town travelling for the fisherys managment role that I occupy.  He is doing a great job and i must admit that i am very proud and lucky to have such a good, dedicated crew.  They will be running some of the 4 and 6 hour trips for me as we move through the summer, however, I will be on the boat a great majority of the time as usual.

Fishing Report by

Capt. Johnny Greene





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