Posted by: Capt. Johnny Greene | April 18, 2012

Fishing in Orange Beach continues to be good after spring break

Now that spring break 2012 has come and gone for the gulf coast we are a still fishing and the action continues to be good for those anglers.  One good time about this time of year is most all of the crowds have cleared out and of town and the fishermen are being rewarded with great catches for a minimal amount of money. 

On the 4 hour charters, we have been catching lots of Spanish Mackerel and a few big king mackerel have started to show up.  We have been fishing down to the west, just offshore between Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores pier. The Spanish are great eating fish that are fun to catch especially for the kids.  The length of the trip seems to be just right for the kids not to loose interest.  The trips we have run this spring many people have decided to keep only what they were going to eat that night for dinner which is a good thing to teach the youngsters on the boat that it is ok to release some fish for another day.



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